Cannabis Europe

Cannabis Europe
What do we need for a change of European policy?
1. European legislation being on our side
2. Strong and co-operative partnerships across Europe
3. Executive team of citizens‘ initiative
4. Public confidence in our initiative
5. High quality P.R. of European initiatives
Cannabis Europe
European situation in 2017:
1.European legislation is on our side
2.We are able to create strong partnerships
3.We are able to build a strong executive team
4.We are able to gain a public confidence
5.We are able to create a good quality PR
Points 2 to 5 can be discussed later
Cannabis Europe
European legislation on our side
1. On 7th December 2004, the European Parliament approved resolution no. A6-0067 / 2004 (Catanni report), but conclusions are not yet implemented
2. The Court of Justice, Josemans C-137/09, 16th December 2010 (paragraphs 36 to 38 of the judgment): recognizes the right to treatment and research for cannabis
3. The Court of Justice, Kokopelli C 59/11, 12th July 2012: recognizes the right to cultural diversity of plants for a commercial activity
4. Liberation judgments of the Supreme Courts of EU Member States 5. European Citizens‘ Initiative: EU Regulation No. 211/2011
Cannabis Europe
The European Citizens‘ Initiative as a tool for a change The European Parliament will discuss the initiative if:
1. the draft of initiative is well prepared technically and materially
2. the European Commission is prepared to register the initiative – the
registration criteria are met
3. the executive team of the citizens‘ initiative is initiated by at least seven EU Member States and each of these has an alternate and a clear role
4. on-line system creating for collecting signatures – registration
5. rules: at least one million signatures of EU citizens and meeting of the limit for seven EU countries after registration of the initiative by the
European Commission within 12 months
Cannabis Europe
Targets a draft of the Cannabis Europe Citizens Initiative :
1. Release of political prisoners
2. Decriminalization and halting the prohibition of non-alcoholic drugs: regulation, patient accessibility and research, education, prevention and harm reduction
3. Compensation of the victims
Cannabis Europe
If you want to contribute to a change in European policy
email address:
Thank you for your attention.
Dušan Dvořák

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